Principals Message

Principal's Message

I am glad to see the progress of the students who are competent, accountable, and achievement-oriented. Over a decade, there has been a tremendous advance in learning Science, commerce, and Sociocultural reinforcements. True to our purpose, we have metamorphosized into a wholesome qualitative, informative, student-centric environment in the college.

Our goal to produce not just knowledgeable students but highly intelligible personalities who can contribute significantly to the country as young exuberant citizens of tomorrow. We truly believe that education does not end with examination but it prepares one for life. These ideologies having been inscribed in every Student’s, I am sure our students will remain more focused to cross many milestones embedded with courage, determination, and steadfastness to make a better tomorrow.

The Vijayam campus at Chittoor is a modern infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art labs, including Library, Computer labs and Training rooms, Modern classrooms.

Wish you a great success.


Dr. M. Thejomoorthy

Principal, VSADC.