The Department of Physics at Stevens promotes the mission to continually advance students’ understanding of the universe through  degree programs with a special emphasis on the fields of atomic, molecular and optical physics. VSADC educate the next generation of physicists in fields such as graphene technologies, remote sensing, communications and quantum optics.

The Department provides deep physical insight and the ability to realize such insights in a creative way through a wide-ranging education in both experimental and theoretical subjects. The Department has an excellent team of competent faculty involved in cutting-edge research and teaching to develop the careers of the next generation of physicists. Main research areas are condensed matter physics, lasers and optics and non-linear dynamics.  The Department has achieved great success by producing outstanding undergraduate who are employed in various Corporate companies. 


N. Hema Kumar., M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.

N. Hema Kumar did his Masters Degree In Physics  from S.V University, Tirupati. And obtained his M.Phil. from Annamali University, Chidambaram. He is having 17 years of teaching experience. His topics of studies include Mechanics, Waves, Oscillations, Thermo Dynamics, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics, Modern Physics and Materials Science. He published Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations a Reference Book for 1st Semester B.Sc Physics Students Various Universities in the state of A.P. He his teaching in the Department of Physics in VSADC from 2020 to till date. 

Message from The Head of the Department

As the Head of the Department, my basic MISSION is to run the department with regularity, punctuality and in a disciplined manner. I want to insist that every teacher always maintain a good relation with students, and must be able to motivate them in their regular academic activities with more efficiency. The Department VISION is to nurture the student’s talent in the area of core and applied physics, and ignite enthusiasm, interest and passion in the study of physics in relation with the professional course as a part of the curriculum. Also, to promote the students in the field of inter-disciplinary  activity.

Should you major in something practical that is going to help you get a good job? Or should you choose a major by pursuing ideas that you enjoy and that you find most interesting and profound? Physics is a great solution to this dilemma! Physics majors learn marketable analytic, quantitative, logical, communication, and teamwork skills while studying fascinating, mind-bending ideas about the fundamental nature of space, time, matter, and causality. Physics graduates are known in the workplace for being good problem solvers, being able to learn quickly, and having a drive to understand problems deeply. Majoring in physics can transform your perception of the “ordinary” world and lay a foundation for lifelong learning of wonderful everyday and exotic phenomena.

Enjoy your studies!

With best wishes From
N.Hema Kumar. 
Department of Physics.