Institutional Distinctiveness



Since its inception, the institution aimed at bringing holistic development among the students. The Institution is committed to usher in social-economic transformation by providing inclusive innovative quality education of global standards to fully meet the expectations of all the students who enrolled themselves to pursue their graduation. Hence, the vision and mission of the institution is premeditated accordingly and it inherited the core values which are required to enlighten the student in their holistic development.

Institution’s Initiatives:

Apart from concentrating on achieving academic pursuits, the institution led the way for the social development through many outreach programs with the participation and involvement of students. As they develop and perceive their own individuality within their community, they also gain skills to communicate with other people and process their actions.  The institution insists the academic think tank and teachers to integrate the curriculum with various outreach programs to achieve holistic development of students.


  • Development of social competencies: this involves abilities to interact and communicate with others, working in a team with co-ordination and co-operation.
  • Develop resilience and team spirit and boost the morale of a student.
  • Discuss the relationship among physiological, cognitive, psychological, spiritual and social development to understand his or her thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  • To inculcate human values and professional ethics among the students and make them realize the spirit of humanism and sense of belongingness.
  • To make them understand the skills that is required for future success in work life.


The Practice:

Development of Social Competencies:

In the process of developing social competencies among students, the institution, in all its outreach programs, motivated the students to involve voluntarily. They interacted with the local communities in the awareness programs like “hygiene and health”, “Sapling plantations” “Sensitization on preserving Biodiversity” “Environmental Protection” etc.

Development of team spirit and morale of the students:

To develop team spirit and morale of the students many events and programs are conducted in and out of the premises of the institution. Conducting Elocution, Essay Writing competitions, Drawing competitions, Oral presentations, Seminars, Orientation Programs, Workshop etc roused interest and enthusiasm among the students.

Holistic Development:

Holistic Development is aimed at bringing changes in the aspects of physiological, cognitive, psychological, spiritual and social development. All the programs are tailored and planned in the institution to bring behavioral changes among the students. To name a few, the institution conducted programs on life skills (Yoga, Health and Hygiene, Fitness), Quiz competitions, modal group discussions, mock interviews, model competitive exams, games and sports etc to broaden their mental horizons.

Inculcation of Human Values and Professional Ethics:

As a part of curriculum coverage all the students are given extra classes by experienced faculty in the subject of human values and professional ethics. It is observed that there is a considerable change in the general behavior of the students particularly towards the girl students. The most peculiar findings and outcomes of the program are reflected in No Grievances reported to anti-ragging committee of the institution.

Skill up gradation for future success:

Through the rigorous classes conducted by the faculty on campus recruitment training and career guidance, majority of the students got placed in various multinational companies. The institutions hold the record in university results and placements. The performance and achievements of the students in the institution made them fit and eligible for job ready and future success.  

Evidence of Success:

All the practices undertaken by the institution resulted in the overall participation of the students in the programs and events as shown below. Moreover, the wonderful success stories of the institution caught the attention of the media only to appreciate the initiations of the institution.  

  • Students participated in the “Jil Jil Jiga” program conducted by Eenadu television, Andhra Pradesh and it was telecasted by Endau channel. View Video
  • An exclusive documentary on the institution “VIJAYAM VIDYA SUMAM” was telecasted on HMTV NEWS channel. View Video
  • A news article on the institution was published in AndhraJyothi on 20th October, 2019.

Students’ participation in National Level programmes:

  • A Student, Mr. Lakshmi Prasad from B.Com got an opportunity to participate in the “National Youth Parliament Festival” and to speak in the Parliament of India. He was the only student got selected for this program from Andhra Pradesh.
  • A student, Mr. Sudarshan from B.Sc participated in the Republic day parade in Red Fort New Delhi.
  • 11 girls (accompanied by woman faculty) got an opportunity to participate in the program on women empowerment i.e., National Women’s Parliament organized by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly in Amravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The unique features are self designed by the institution for the futuristic needs of country through inculcating standard education with values in the minds of youngsters.

Achieving the mere academic excellence alone cannot assure the success and happiness in life. Holistic development through education has become more indispensable in the present day scenario.

The college encouraged the students to participate in all the activities which helped them to build their confidence. Few Students after graduation became entrepreneurs and few students settled in the different parts of the world.

Problems encountered:

  • Unable to involve some of the female students in the outreach programs as their parents show reluctance to agree.


  • Social stigma is noticed among some of the students especially from the marginalized sections of the society.


  • The sense of inclusiveness and dynamism is lagging behind among certain students and the same to be inculcated still further.


  • It is observed that some of the students are highly sensitive and could not maintain their emotional balance. In such cases the institution pays attention to bring changes in their perception towards holistic development.


  • As Chittoor district is in the process of development economically and industrially, students find it difficult to get jobs locally. They are forced to find employment in nearby bordering states like Karnataka and Tamilnadu.