Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

To achieve our mission, all aspects of our department and staff are dedicated to student success and program excellence through continuous improvement.


I. Students should develop the ability to make connections across disciplines in order to understand the convergence and divergence of different fields of knowledge and to understand the nature of an academic community.

II. Students should develop an understanding of, and competency in, the use of signs and symbols to construct, create, perceive, and communicate meaning.

III. Students should develop the capacity to entertain multiple perspectives and interpretations.

IV. Students should develop an understanding of culture and of the connections between themselves and others in relation to physical, historical, social, and global contexts.

V. Students should develop breadth, defined as familiarity with essential concepts in major fields, and depth, defined as knowledge of at least one field (usually achieved in the major).



 I. THINK: Demonstrate critical thinking characterized by experimentation, inquiry and theoretically informed social, cultural and historical awareness.

II. CREATE: Synthesize knowledge and skills in the conceptualization and realization of creative expression.

III. COMMUNICATE: Articulate ideas and visual concepts in writing, presentations, and professional practice.

IV. INNOVATE: Frame visionary responses to evolving social, cultural, and economic needs and opportunities.

V. CONNECT: Engage as responsible and ethical citizens of diverse, local, global and professional communities.

VI. LEAD: Demonstrate leadership through appropriate research, methods, design and professional conduct.