Vision Mission

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Vijayam Educational Institutions, Chittoor, has a bright vision for a broader prospect that the educational systems
should not only focus on imparting marks and quality education but also, should give importance to equip the
students with knowledge, character, leadership qualities, moral values, personality development and other skills
to face the challenges in the days to come. Vijayam firmly believes in the vision can be achieved with the real
commitment, involvement and dedication. With the goals set, monitored well and executed in a time bound
process with utmost care fulfills the vision


Our mission is to sustain contents and creativity besides stimulating proximity and participation. We feel it to be
fundamental to wake up the young minds to the hard and harsh realities of life and the highly competitive
scenario which is fast emerging and making stringent the opportunities. We wish to guide them to gain supremacy
in a stiff and highly competitive environment. We train them to acquire the skills needed for precise planning,
positive placement and prompt pro - activity. We are Providing quality education from K.G. to P.G.

To encourage qualities of innovation, discovery and research along with implementing the regular curriculum.
1. To promote entrepreneurship ability among students
2. To create a space where a diverse group of students are supported to learn together as a team.
3. We are always looking forward to include experienced and quality faculty into our group to provide
highest quality education possible to our students.
4. We are always open to various suggestions from students and staff for improvement of our services.
5. We are committed in giving quality education so our students could build roads towards a quality life.