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Origin of Vijayam:
    Famous maxim goes, “Even a thousand mile journey will also starts with a single step.” We all know pretty well, the very first step should prompt, perfect and prospective. Thus Vijayam’s first step was highly invincible and phenomenal. To be in a nut shell – A golden thought sprout in a young mind to establish an encouraging institution to unemployed youth was the first single step of “Vijayam”. We  feel so proud to remind you all that the young and dynamic mind belongs to Dr. M.Thejomoorthy, the chairman of Vijayam Educational Institutions, Chittoor.

    In the year 2000, Dr. Thejo Moorthy established “Viajayam Competitive Circle, that could address the inner aspirations of young minds, seeking after government jobs and entrance exams for higher studies. It was a coaching centre offering intensive training for Bank Aspirants, DSC- aspirants of government teacher jobs, Police constable jobs and other SSC  jobs. Just three years later, a golden opportunity came to the threshold of Vijayam competitive circle to transform itself into a degree college. In the year 2003, Vijayam Arts and Science Degree College was established in a rented building with the strength of 90 members. Very minuscule in number but the thought behind if was very mighty. Dr. Thejomoorthy’s will power and unshakable determination to indulge in incessant endeavors and industry is exemplary in the context. Obviously, the extra-ordinary heights of Vijayam  today is undisputedly the result of his vision and mission. From the day one, he firmly believes, if a sincere attempt is acknowledged and addressed intensively, the fruits will be imminent. It has been proving for long years in Vijayam. The conspicuous evidence of it is, 90 students in the inception has reached to 6000+ with in the short span of time. Of course, if is because of the enviable strength of our Chairman Dr. Thejomoorthy  to handle the abilities of his own choice of soldiers. With all humility, he openly admits the growth of the organization is because of the parents, who kept trust, well wishers, who co-operate every minute, faculty who strive hard to reach goals, and the students who are being molded as per the demand of the day. In addition to that our chairman has the farsightedness to analyze the  things. He chose a group of faculty, who deliver the goods as per his expectations. One more infallible asset of him is to have a very good rapport with parent, well wishers, educationists and fertile minded young generation. With the unstinted support of all Vijayam Educational Society has expanded its wing into Vijayam PG College with Msc. Maths and Chemistry and MCom. In 2008 . in 2009, Vijayam Junior College was established to build a bridge between rate of ranking and qualitative education. In the year 2011, Vijayam, the school was founded by our chairman to establish a firm foundation to the future generations like “creating intellects.” In 2017, much sought after course Bachelor of Hotel Management was introduced to have a purely professional out look of a degree. On behalf of the management, I proudly pronounce that the mighty educational empire was spread like a panoramic stretch from KG to PG under the aegis of Vijayam Educational Institutions.

    In the connection, I am equally elated to remind the Augustus gathering that every student, who completes education under this safe umbrella, will be benefited to maximum extent in professional and personal life because of the methods we implement here. The greatest ideology that our reverend chairman Dr. M.Thejomoorthy follows is that fathomed adherence to ethics and morals, qualitative and inquisitive and locally appreciated and globally accepted theories. Perhaps, the very journey of Vijayam is aimed at quality thinking and designed destiny keeps this organization at highest altitude.