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Faculty at Vijayam Degree College

The faculty at Vijayam will leave no stone unturned in shaping the minds of the students with their innovative methods. The most effective methods for ensuring student success are not widely practiced in education but pursuing them to be benefited in the long run basis. Vijayam Faculty are unique in many ways: The methodology we follow here is:…..

  • 1. Transparency: students need to know what to expect from their courses, what their lecturer expect of them and how they will be assessed.
  • 2. Pedagogical approaches: personalized instruction and active learning are just two pedagogical approaches that have been linked to better student understanding and overall experience.
  • 3. Assessment: students can build upon their knowledge base and check their progress through regular assessments, as opposed to testing their new knowledge and skills once or twice throughout the term.
  • 4. Self-regulation: colleges that require active participation and reflection from their students tend to be more successful and have higher graduation rates.
  • 5. Alignment: it’s important for students to see how separate assignments, courses and experiences can complement each other and contribute to their overall success.